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At RHQ, we are keenly aware of the many challenges that healthcare organizations face. Whether it’s consolidations, limited headcount, or changing reimbursement schedules existing technologies are heavily integrated in today’s healthcare IT challenges.

We know healthcare.

RHQ’s experienced leadership has delivered specialized services and supported system implementation and IT needs of numerous complex healthcare systems for more than 25 years. RHQ teams and methodologies were carefully developed with a critical understanding of the skills and services necessary to support the technology systems and platforms adopted by industry leaders.

We’ll help you transform your business models and succeed at technology implementations by providing the best IT solutions and talent. When time, professionalism, and intellect matter, we deliver.

The landscape of healthcare is changing as rapidly as the technology that supports it.

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We pride ourselves on providing top talent across vendor applications and platforms.


Real Talent
Real Results

Finding the right person for the job is no easy task. Thankfully, Resourcing HQ can make the process easier and save you countless hours and dollars in the meantime. How to maximize this critical business relationship.

Create an Open Dialogue

Millions of dollars and hours are wasted every year on bad hires. Fortunately, spotting and selecting successful candidates is what we do best. But, we can’t do it without a true understanding of your business. Help us help you by having a candid conversation about more than just the skills required to do the job.

  • Be sure to cover any known challenges in the role.
  • If you’re looking to backfill a position, share characteristics of previous employees who succeeded (and those who struggled).
  • Speak frankly about corporate culture.

Open, honest conversation can only help us identify the right match.

Make Your Business a Better Place to Work

We can hand deliver you the ideal candidate, but if your business doesn’t stack up, it’s back to reviewing resumes. So how do you attract the best talent? Make your company a great place to work.

We can share extensive knowledge about various aspects of the recruiting landscape, from salary expectations to benefit packages and we can help you understand the specifics around what desirable professionals value and what competitive companies out there are willing to offer.

“Companies need to offer benefits that meet the needs of today’s diverse, multigenerational workforce and bring real value to their lives.”

It makes sense if you think about it. Tuition reimbursement options may be of value to younger generations, but expanded telehealth benefits may be of value to older generations.

Don’t wait to take a fresh look at your offerings. Take the time to think about how you can provide more value where it will be most appreciated. It doesn’t necessarily have to cost you more money to offer a more flexible range of benefit options.

What You Can Expect

Reviewing applications, interviewing candidates and negotiating salaries are arduous and time-consuming tasks. When you work with Resourcing HQ, you can defer the time and cost spent on recruiting and hiring responsibilities.

  1. Writing job descriptions. Not only can we help you write job descriptions, but we can also advertise the position. In many cases, we already know of candidates looking for a similar job and can begin reaching out upon engagement.
  2. Vetting candidates. Scheduling and conducting interviews take time. We will review applicants in the initial phase to screen for necessary experience and qualifications. That way, you only spend your time meeting the most qualified applicants.
  3. Making an offer. Seasoned staffing consultants know a great interview doesn’t necessarily equate with a great candidate. We will ensure we identify candidates capable of hitting the ground running.

As your trusted advisor for staffing services, we understand that our role is to find experienced, top-performing professionals while saving time and money. At Resourcing HQ we bring a personal touch and view you as a true partner. We strive to understand your unique business needs.

Empty chairs can tank productivity, and that directly impacts the bottom line. When critical roles are lacking, projects are postponed as an effect. Improvement initiatives are backlogged. New business may be put on hold due to lack of resources. The potential downslide in productivity can add up real dollars lost in no time.

How Can Resourcing HQ Help?

At Resourcing HQ, we believe our clients’ success results from our long-term partnerships. And for over 20 years, we’ve been matching businesses with talented professionals. Let us get to know you and your staffing needs.