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We all know how tough it can be to fill an open position. Between reviewing resumes, performing background checks and scheduling interviews, recruiting the right person can easily become a full-time job. So when does it make sense to bring in some reinforcements? Let’s get real about some of the practical and far-reaching repercussions of leaving positions unfilled to better understand the urgency.

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At RHQ, we understand the challenge in finding the right people. That’s why we created a Free Assessment to help businesses gauge their unique level of staffing need. In just five short questions, you can get instant feedback. Questions range from whether you’ve experienced productivity loss due to an empty position to if the empty position has adversely affected staff morale. Once you complete the assessment, you’ll receive a score from one through five based on your answers. One, meaning you have the least need, and five, meaning you have the greatest.

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Now that you know your number, let’s dive deeper into the logic behind the Free Assessment.

The Recruiting Process Has Gone Virtual

The recruitment process didn’t change much in recent history up until last year. The coronavirus pandemic put the large majority of face-to-face business on pause, forcing companies to go remote. Reinventing the entire lifecycle from application to interview to hire can be challenging, and some companies are better equipped than others. If you need help transitioning to this new normal, we’re here.

Vacancies Can Lead to Low Staff Morale

We all know what typically happens when one key role is missing: Those employees impacted by that absent role find themselves forced to pick up the slack. While most people will pleasantly chip in up to a point, vacancies spanning weeks and months can create an enormous burden. Staff is overworked, feels underappreciated and overall sentiment spirals. A staffing services company can speed up the recruitment process greatly.

Budgets are Tightening Like Never Before

Many businesses today are hurting. Countless companies are considering layoffs or are on hiring holds, and the purse strings are increasingly tightening. If you have an approved FTE, don’t wait. Next quarter’s budget is coming, and your position could be on the chopping block.

Your Customers May Be Feeling It

We already touched on how empty positions impact staff morale. Now think about how that empty chair could be impacting your customer? Longer wait times, lapsed improvement projects and overworked staff can bring down customer experience. You don’t want unhappy customers taking their frustrations with your business out on social media.

Potential Impact to the Bottom Line

Empty chairs can tank productivity, and that directly impacts the bottom line. When critical roles are lacking, projects are postponed as an effect. Improvement initiatives are backlogged. New business may be put on hold due to lack of resources. The potential downslide in productivity can add up real dollars lost in no time.

How Can RHQ Help?

At Resources HQ, we understand staffing in 2021 is complicated in ways we’ve never experienced before. Trust our more than 20 years experience in ensuring our clients’ success to help you find the right talent for your company. Let us help you bridge that all-important gap from open role to star employee, virtually from start to finish. Get in touch with us today!