Virtual Recruiting Is the Future

Virtual Recruiting Is the Future

Work from anywhere has become increasingly appealing to both employers and employees for benefits such as better work life balance, increased productivity and lower overhead costs. As more people become aware of the convenience of remote work, companies have begun to adjust the way they operate. As the way we do business evolves, specialized staffing agencies such as Resourcing HQ will help develop a new standard for recruiting top talent. This blog explores the exciting world of virtual recruiting and how it can benefit businesses.

Finding the right candidate is a tough job. You want to make sure leads are qualified and a good fit for your company. However, the options available are often limited, especially when searching for candidates in an exclusive field. Many companies have turned to virtual recruiting to solve some of the issues associated with traditional recruiting practices. Virtual recruiting allows companies to save time and recruit from a pool of top talent while emphasizing diversity.

Here are a few ways virtual recruiting has improved business operations.

Save Time

Recruiting is a time-consuming task. Traditionally, potential candidates must be located and contacted, a meeting must be scheduled and time aside for preparation, travel and completion of the meeting. This process is necessary for each lead, and oftentimes multiple meetings are required per lead. Recruiters—or matchmakers, as we call them at RHQ, and general executive and leadership staff must take time away from other tasks to complete the staff selection process.

Virtual recruiting significantly reduces the time and demands of traditional recruiting practices. With virtual recruiting, no travel is necessary and less preparation time is required. No need to email participants instructions on locating your office space or where to park, and there’s no need to warn staff that a candidate is coming in. Everything from initial contact, scheduling and interview completion can be done from the comfort of your work or home office.

Hire from Anywhere

Recruiting candidates virtually increases the applicant pool. What was once a search for local talent has become a search for specialized individuals worldwide; this is especially helpful if you operate in a niche market. Virtual recruiting allows you to locate and hire the best talent for your business, even if they’re thousands of miles away.

Increase Remote Work Opportunities

Now that we can hire talent from anywhere, we can also allow selected candidates to work anywhere. Employers are no longer turning away the best talent just because leads are miles away. Instead, companies are implementing new technology to allow for the establishment of remote positions.

Virtual recruiting is a remote opportunity itself, and thus this career field has been a driving force in creating remote jobs. Talent acquisition is always needed, and with virtual recruiters possessing the ability to work from anywhere, this career path is in high demand.

Increase Diversity in Your Business

With virtual recruiting allowing businesses to hire nationwide, increasing diversity has never been easier. Talented professionals from differing cultures and backgrounds can easily be selected because location and finding potential leads will no longer be an issue. Companies will reach diversity goals and build a more diverse and inclusive work environment.

The transformation of traditional recruiting practices, though somewhat forced, has provided the business world with some useful benefits. Virtual recruiting is quickly becoming the new norm, and we at Resourcing HQ are here to lead the way in this growing practice. Contact us today so our matchmakers can connect you with the best clinical and technological professionals today! After all, real talent drives real results.

5 Ways to Solve the Cybersecurity Talent Drought

5 Ways To Solve the Cybersecurity Talent Drought

These days, cybersecurity professionals are in short supply. And most career consultants expect the shortage to continue. Meanwhile, demand to fill these positions is skyrocketing. So how does a company fend off mounting cyberthreats without key personnel? This blog explores the shortage and offers up five ways businesses can bridge the gap.

It’s Not Just You

So there you are needing to fill a cybersecurity position with no even remotely qualified leads in sight. You’re not alone. Demand for these positions is on the rise while ironically, supply is on the decline. Why? Some researchers blame the exclusivity of the field, suggesting cybersecurity education is available to only a select few. Others point to lack of interest in the field, burnout and turnover as potential reasons why skilled cybersecurity professionals are so scarce.

It’s an IoT World

Why the boost in demand? Think about it: Any device that accesses the Internet can potentially fall victim to cyberthreats. City power grids, cars, lightbulbs … the list of devices has grown so much we now have a name for it – the Internet of Things (IoT). Add to that the increasingly popular bring your own device (BYOD) trend and hiring managers are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to meeting the cybersecurity skill set demand.

Here are four ways to solve the cybersecurity staffing dilemma.

1. Look outside traditional talent pools.

Take Kevin Mitnick for example. He was a hacker who ended up on the FBI Most Wanted Fugitives list who now enjoys a successful career as a security consultant, public speaker and author. Now we’re not suggesting you start your own manhunt for hackers looking to switch sides. The lesson here is simply to look outside your traditional talent pool.

2. Put less emphasis on education.

The idea here is similar to tip #1. The less you box yourself into deal-breaking requirements, the more qualified candidates naturally rise to the surface. More and more staffing managers today are willing to trade degrees for experience. While no one doubts the value of a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a Master’s degree in Information Technology, more companies are also recognizing the value in real-world experience.

3. Educate all staff.

Even the most talented of cybersecurity experts can’t secure your business from threats if the people at the front lines are clicking on malicious emails. In fact, numerous studies have shown large percentages of data breaches and hacks are caused by human error. Protect your business on all fronts with security awareness training so all employees can 1- recognize phishing and social engineering threats and 2- know what to do.

4. Enlist third-party support.

You wouldn’t undertake a plumbing project if you know nothing about plumbing. The same logic applies here. Consider outsourcing your cybersecurity staffing needs to a specialized staffing agency. For example, at Resourcing HQ, we are committed to placing top tech talent with healthcare organizations, financial institutions and other large corporations in need of robust security.

The moral of the story is you can find creative ways to bridge the cybersecurity skill gap. All it takes is time, training and a willingness to try a new approach. Good luck!

10 Interview Questions to Ask Job Candidates

10 Interview Questions to Ask Job Candidates

Deciding on the right person for the job is tough. Make the most of your interviews with questions that can bring about insightful responses. We’ve crafted a list of questions guaranteed to generate responses that can make your decision easier.

1. What do you know about our company?

This question gives applicants an opportunity to share what they know about your business and how they envision fitting in. Motivated candidates who are serious about the role up for grabs will do their research. They want to ensure a good fit just as much as you do.

2. Why are you leaving your current company?

The answer to this question can be particularly helpful when it comes to deciding on who makes the final cut. Not only can you get a better understanding of the candidate’s professional history, but you can also catch potential red flags. Endless complaining or blame games might compel you to pass and consider other candidates.

3. Do you work best alone or on a team?

Some people are more productive when they can work alone and uninterrupted, while others enjoy a more collaborative, flexible environment. Consider the response to this question in relation to the day-to-day functions of the open role.

4. How would your co-workers describe you?

This question can shed light on a candidate’s personality traits. Home in on the adjectives you hear:

  • Friendly
  • Professional
  • Funny

Consider the attributes of the candidate and whether those traits will complement, or clash, with the attributes of surrounding team members.

5. Can you describe a difficult work situation and how you overcame it?

We’ve all experienced challenges at work; it’s inevitable. What’s significant about the answer to this question is the approach to a solution. What did the candidate do to actively address the situation?

6. What are your long-term career goals?

Listen closely:

  • Do the goals of the candidate reflect your company’s goals and core values? An alignment here could be helpful in identifying a culture fit.
  • Does the candidate have aspirations that can’t be achieved within your company? That could signal the candidate doesn’t plan on staying around long.

7. Can you describe your ideal role?

Is the candidate ultimately seeking money, opportunities for advancement, a better work-life balance? Think big picture, and ask yourself if the expectations and requirements of the open role align with the candidate’s description of a dream job.

8. What’s one of the most interesting projects you’ve working on?

The answer to this question can help you determine whether the candidate may find the open role professionally satisfying. Look for alignment between the tasks involved in the candidate’s favorite project and the tasks required to be successful in the open role.

9. What are your hobbies?

In an attempt to get to know someone, it can be helpful to know how he or she chooses to spend time outside of the office.

10. Do you have any questions for me?

While it is possible you covered all potential questions if your meeting was lengthy, most motivated candidates will have a few final questions.

Walk into your next interview prepared to make your hiring decision easier. Ask well-crafted questions that can garner valuable responses, and in turn, useful insight into whether a given candidate is the right fit.

How to Make the Most of Your Staffing Agency Partnership

How to Make the Most of Your Staffing Agency Partnership

Find the right candidates while saving time and money.

Finding the right person for the job is no easy task. Thankfully, the right agency can make the process easier and save you countless hours and dollars in the meantime.

Let’s dive into some ways you can maximize this critical business relationship.

1. Create an Open Dialogue

Millions of dollars and hours are wasted every year on bad hires. Fortunately, spotting and selecting successful candidates are what staffing agencies do best. But they can’t do it without a true understanding of your business. Help your staffing agency help you by having a candid conversation about more than just the skills required to do the job.

  • Be sure to cover any known challenges in the role.
  • If you’re looking to backfill a position, share characteristics of previous employees who succeeded (and those who struggled).
  • Speak frankly about corporate culture.

Open, honest conversation can only help your staffing agency identify the right match.

2. Make Your Business a Better Place to Work

A staffing agency can hand deliver you the ideal candidate, but if your business doesn’t stack up, it’s back to reviewing resumes. So how do you attract the best talent? You make your company a great place to work.

A good staffing agency will be knowledgeable about various aspects of the recruiting landscape, from salary expectations to benefit packages. They should know specifics around what desirable professionals value and what competitive companies out there are willing to offer. So, listen closely.

Consider This: Here’s some advice from SHRM about 2020 benefit trends: “Companies need to offer benefits that meet the needs of today’s diverse, multigenerational workforce and bring real value to their lives.”

It makes sense if you think about it. Tuition reimbursement options may be of value to younger generations, but expanded telehealth benefits may be of value to older generations.

Don’t wait to take a fresh look at your offerings. Take the time to think about how you can provide more value where it will be most appreciated. It doesn’t necessarily have to cost you more money to offer a more flexible range of benefit options.

What You Can Expect

Reviewing applications, interviewing candidates and negotiating salaries are arduous and time-consuming tasks. When you work with a staffing agency, you can defer the time and cost spent on recruiting and hiring responsibilities.

  1. Writing job descriptions. Your staffing agency can not only write job descriptions, but they can also advertise the position. Some agencies even have a pool of pre-screened candidates they can reach out to when the right opportunities come along.
  2. Vetting candidates. Scheduling and conducting interviews take time. Staffing agencies can review applicants in the initial phase to screen for necessary experience and qualifications. That way, you only spend your time meeting the most qualified applicants.
  3. Making an offer. Seasoned staffing consultants know a great interview doesn’t necessarily equate with a great candidate. You can rely on them to identify candidates capable of hitting the ground running.

Final Recommendations

The ultimate goal of a staffing agency partnership is to help you find experienced, top-performing professionals while saving time and money. Work with an agency that views you as a true partner and strives to better understand your unique business needs. And expect results. It may take some trial and error, but demand a staffing agency that consistently delivers superior service and qualified candidates.

Potential Impact to the Bottom Line

Empty chairs can tank productivity, and that directly impacts the bottom line. When critical roles are lacking, projects are postponed as an effect. Improvement initiatives are backlogged. New business may be put on hold due to lack of resources. The potential downslide in productivity can add up real dollars lost in no time.

How Can RHQ Help?

At Resourcing HQ, we believe our clients’ success results from our long-term partnerships. And for over 20 years, we’ve been matching businesses with talented professionals. Let us get to know you and your staffing needs. Reach out today! And while you’re on our website, check out our new Free Assessment. Just answer a few brief questions for instant feedback on your current staffing needs.

Do You Really Need a Staffing Services Company? Find Out Now.

Do You Really Need a Staffing Services Company?
Find Out Now.

We all know how tough it can be to fill an open position. Between reviewing resumes, performing background checks and scheduling interviews, recruiting the right person can easily become a full-time job. So when does it make sense to bring in some reinforcements? Let’s get real about some of the practical and far-reaching repercussions of leaving positions unfilled to better understand the urgency.

Take a Free Assessment

At RHQ, we understand the challenge in finding the right people. That’s why we created a Free Assessment to help businesses gauge their unique level of staffing need. In just five short questions, you can get instant feedback. Questions range from whether you’ve experienced productivity loss due to an empty position to if the empty position has adversely affected staff morale. Once you complete the assessment, you’ll receive a score from one through five based on your answers. One, meaning you have the least need, and five, meaning you have the greatest.

Give it a try now!

Now that you know your number, let’s dive deeper into the logic behind the Free Assessment.

The Recruiting Process Has Gone Virtual

The recruitment process didn’t change much in recent history up until last year. The coronavirus pandemic put the large majority of face-to-face business on pause, forcing companies to go remote. Reinventing the entire lifecycle from application to interview to hire can be challenging, and some companies are better equipped than others. If you need help transitioning to this new normal, we’re here.

Vacancies Can Lead to Low Staff Morale

We all know what typically happens when one key role is missing: Those employees impacted by that absent role find themselves forced to pick up the slack. While most people will pleasantly chip in up to a point, vacancies spanning weeks and months can create an enormous burden. Staff is overworked, feels underappreciated and overall sentiment spirals. A staffing services company can speed up the recruitment process greatly.

Budgets are Tightening Like Never Before

Many businesses today are hurting. Countless companies are considering layoffs or are on hiring holds, and the purse strings are increasingly tightening. If you have an approved FTE, don’t wait. Next quarter’s budget is coming, and your position could be on the chopping block.

Your Customers May Be Feeling It

We already touched on how empty positions impact staff morale. Now think about how that empty chair could be impacting your customer? Longer wait times, lapsed improvement projects and overworked staff can bring down customer experience. You don’t want unhappy customers taking their frustrations with your business out on social media.

Potential Impact to the Bottom Line

Empty chairs can tank productivity, and that directly impacts the bottom line. When critical roles are lacking, projects are postponed as an effect. Improvement initiatives are backlogged. New business may be put on hold due to lack of resources. The potential downslide in productivity can add up real dollars lost in no time.

How Can RHQ Help?

At Resources HQ, we understand staffing in 2021 is complicated in ways we’ve never experienced before. Trust our more than 20 years experience in ensuring our clients’ success to help you find the right talent for your company. Let us help you bridge that all-important gap from open role to star employee, virtually from start to finish. Get in touch with us today!

5 Steps to Creating a Staffing Strategy for the New Year

5 Steps to Creating a Staffing Strategy for the New Year

As 2020 wraps up, it’s safe to say that we are all looking forward to a fresh start in 2021. As part of this transition to the new year, many organizations will begin developing a strategic staffing plan or checklist. December is the perfect time to formulate a plan, and January is a great time to ramp up your staffing efforts.

In this article, we will cover what’s featured in a staffing checklist. If you are interested in getting connected with premier talent in the technology sector, we can help. Learn more.

What’s a Staffing Checklist?

A staffing checklist is essentially a strategic guide an organization utilizes to identify and address their personnel needs. The Human Resources (HR) department is typically in charge of this initiative. Before your Human Resources (HR) department can create a staffing checklist for your business, they need to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and concerns facing each department within the organization. They may also consider consulting a staffing services agency to help them address their staffing needs. This is especially common for filling specialized positions, such as job openings in technology.

Here are five steps to creating an effective staffing strategy for the new year.

1) Begin with Your Objectives

Millions of people around the world make New Year’s resolutions. Similarly, your organization can set clear goals for the upcoming year. Every company has different milestones they want to reach. Some companies are focused on increasing their profit margin. Others aim to update their technology infrastructure or increase customer satisfaction. Regardless of your objectives for next year, the key is to clearly define these goals and make sure that all stakeholders are on board. After you determine your goals, you must consider how your existing staff relates to these goals.

2) Identify Staffing Needs

To reach your objectives, you will need to assess your existing team and look for gaps between your current staff and future needs. As part of this process, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Evaluate the skillset of the existing employees
  • Assess the training needs of existing employees
  • Forecast which workers may retire in the next year

During this process, you may realize that you need more employees to address your business needs. In other cases, it may not be about the number of employees you need to fill the gap, but more about finding employees with specialized skills. Regardless, the goal of this step is to determine where you need to shore up gaps on the existing staff with external talent and where you can potentially utilize the existing talent you have more productively.

3) Review the Market

The third part of creating a staffing solution strategy is to assess the labor market for your staffing needs. There are certain external and internal factors to consider when determining the market outlook. For example, for external factors, organizations must consider if there is a shortage of qualified candidates for the positions they need to fill. They should also think about what competitors are paying their employees for similar positions. Internally, organizations must consider why their organization has openings (layoffs, promotions, retirement) and if employees are leaving for better positions. Lastly, when assessing the market, organizations should assess whether their brand is considered attractive to potential candidates.

4) Determine the Staffing Budget

Besides assessing companywide goals, skills gaps, and the market, another key area to address is determining the staffing budget. This process starts with having a firm grasp of your labor costs for the next year. Remember, labor costs go beyond just the employees’ base salary and include overtime costs, bonuses, benefits, and other additional expenses. Organizations also need to consider how payroll will factor into the projected future budget and whether they will be utilizing alternate staffing solutions (contractors, consultants, part-time employees) to fill some of their staffing needs.

5) Put the Plan in Motion

Once you have performed all the above tasks, you can take action and begin to fill staffing roles. Start with the positions that need to be filled immediately. Then begin to coordinate when you will need to fill less urgent positions. When you put this plan in motion, consider how long it will take to advertise, interview, hire, and onboard candidates for each position. Depending on your industry, this timeframe can vary greatly from 15 to 20 days or several months.

Partner with Resourcing HQ

Evaluating your existing talent, determining where you need to address skills gaps, and procuring new talent can be a complicated and challenging process for every type of business. When hiring talent in a specialized field like technology, this can only increase these challenges. If you’re looking to speed up the process and land the most talented candidates, consider partnering with a premier staffing agency.

At Resourcing HQ, we place the best technology and administrative professionals with clients seeking advanced talent. Contact us today!

3 Reasons Why Video Profiles Are Changing the IT Hiring Process

3 Reasons Why Video Profiles Are Changing the IT Hiring Process

2020 provided businesses with many challenges, but it also gave organizations the opportunity to learn a ton of valuable lessons. Most companies learned that the way we work is changing, and technology is a driving force in this shift. New technologies have allowed workforces to work from anywhere, communicate in real time and utilize new workflow patterns.

There’s no disputing that 2020 forced businesses to change the way they take on the workday. Technology can also positively impact several other areas of a company, including streamlining the hiring process for new staff. As we will discuss in this article, companies that access on-the-go video profiles of all the talented candidates they are considering for a position can enjoy many benefits. Remember, if you’re looking for IT staffing solutions, Resourcing HQ has created innovative ways to help you connect with top talent in the technology sector.

Learn more about our quick, on-the-go video profiles of all our IT professionals.

The Challenges of Hiring IT Professionals

Employers seeking a qualified candidate in the IT field face exceedingly difficult challenges compared to most other industries. Companies searching for IT experts require a candidate with excellent qualifications. Moreover, these qualifications need to align with their position requirements. Without the help of a premier IT staffing agency, this can be a difficult task to maneuver. Another challenge is hiring a specialized professional within a tight timeframe. For these reasons, companies need all the help they can get during the hiring process.

With easy access to on-the-go video profiles of talented applicants, businesses can quickly find the most qualified technology candidates in an organized portal. Let’s review three of the benefits that candidate video profiles provide to companies searching for top IT talent.

1) Speed Up the Hiring Process

According to Glassdoor Economic Research, the hiring process for a company in the United States takes approximately 23 days. In some industries, including technology, companies can take as long as 50 or more days (on average) to fill a position. When your network security is at risk, waiting nearly two months to fill a role can have serious ramifications for your business. With access to a video portal, employers can review applicants instantly from anywhere, speeding up the process of scheduling an interview and hiring your next talented IT professional.

2) Learn About the Candidate

With a video introduction of every candidate, employers can evaluate candidates like never before. According to LinkedIn, 80 percent of companies believe that a candidate’s soft skills are increasingly crucial to company success. Similarly, according to Totaljobs, 67 percent of recruiters consider cultural fit an important factor when hiring. Considering these statistics, taking the time to view each qualified candidate’s video introduction can provide the company with a better understanding of the candidate beyond their resume. Employers can observe a candidate’s body language, tone of voice and demeanor, and then assess their soft skills before committing to an interview.

3) Adapt to the New Normal

In 2020, businesses had to adopt new, flexible practices to maintain their operations. Virtual registration, Zoom conferences and virtual hiring and recruiting processes were all part of the transition organizations were forced to make. The shift to virtual recruiting and hiring makes sense both short-term and long-term for businesses of all sizes. First, it provides a safe, contactless way to assess talented IT professionals. Second, it provides decision-makers with a convenient way to evaluate talent. According to Statista, 85 percent of internet users in the United States watch online video content on any device, so assessing video content as part of your hiring process can be a seamless transition for the majority of organizations.

How RHQ Can Help

At RHQ, we know that discovering the right candidate for your technology-focused initiatives can be difficult. That’s why we offer IT staffing services to help address these issues. Are you having trouble attracting the right candidates? Choose from our pipeline of qualified talent. Are you struggling to engage with qualified candidates? We can streamline this process for you. Are you looking to speed up the process? We can help bridge the gap with on-the-go video profiles that align our talented candidates with your technology staffing needs.

When you sign up for our services, you will receive unlimited access to our online video portal, so you can see all our talented IT professionals anytime you want to on any device. At Resourcing HQ, we place top talent with clients seeking experts in the technology sector. Contact us today and learn more about our convenient on-the-go video profiles, which feature all our talented IT professionals.

Virtual Registration: The Future of Healthcare

Virtual Registration: The Future of Healthcare

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the world to go virtual. Virtual conferences, events, family gatherings and even happy hours became the “new normal.” With the vast majority of people at home, it wasn’t long before patients canceled appointments, and healthcare practices saw a dramatic drop in in-person visitations.

2020 has presented many challenges to businesses across all industries, especially in healthcare. Today, healthcare facilities have to consider their existing technology infrastructure and how to deliver the best patient care in the present day and into the future. Healthcare companies can meet and exceed patient experiences by investing in revolutionary technologies and adapting new processes that increase efficiency and provide a safe environment for their patients. Virtual registration accomplishes all of these objectives and more.

Introducing Virtual Registration

Healthcare practices can deliver a personalized experience that increases patient engagement by leveraging virtual registration technology. Virtual registration technology provides patients with a quicker, more convenient and contactless registration process. With virtual registration technology, healthcare practices can:

  • Create a single point of contact for registrations
  • Increase the efficiency of the registration process
  • Operate with fewer staff members
  • Provide patients with a safer environment
  • Enhance the patient experience

Resourcing HQ can develop a virtual registration system for you. Contact us today.

The Virtual Registration Process

Virtual registration streamlines the registration process and reduces the amount of time a patient sits in a waiting room. Contactless registration provides the patient with plenty of space and privacy to submit their required documents and information, address their concerns and complete the registration process.

With virtual registration, a patient can:

  • Confirm their appointment time and reason for the visit
  • Insert healthcare information and personal identification cards into a scanner
  • Sign any required documents with a signature pad
  • Receive a copy of documentation with remote printing technology
  • Make payment for their medical services with payment card readers

Meet Your Virtual Registration Expert

The virtual registration process utilizes state-of-the-art technology to create a customized experience for the patient. A patient will enter the private registration area of a medical clinic. They can sit down at a registration desk, use easy navigation tools on a screen in front of them and be greeted virtually by a friendly registration expert. The registration expert interacts with the patient in real time and is broadcast in a striking three-dimensional, HD-quality projected image.

The registration expert guides the patient through the registration process. They can:

  • Physically see the patient and provide live feedback
  • Answer the patient’s questions and address their concerns
  • Help them complete the process
  • Provide HIPAA-compliant instructions to the patient
  • Speed up the process by providing clear directions

Enhancing the Patient Experience

Patients are increasingly drawn to the concept of virtual services. A recent medical study performed by Parks Associates reported that 60 percent of U.S. households with internet access are interested in remote care. Once they hear about it, patients will show the same interest in virtual registration technology.

With a virtual expert’s assistance, healthcare practices can clearly communicate with their patients and receive the information they need in an innovative way. Implementing this technology will also show your patients that you’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure their safety. The eye-catching technology will also create a wow factor for your healthcare practice.

With virtual registration technology, patients will:

  • Benefit from receiving clear instructions from an expert
  • Listen and pay close attention to their expert
  • Marvel at the innovation and technology
  • Enjoy a fun, friendly way to register

More Than Innovation

There are several benefits of transforming your registration process to feature groundbreaking technology. With virtual experts handling the administrative tasks of registration, patients can feel prioritized and healthcare organizations can streamline their registration process. Virtual registration can also reduce a clinic’s payroll and potentially attract new patients who hear about the revolutionary technology installed at your facility.

To provide the best patient care in 2020 and beyond, the healthcare environment will rely on innovative, evolving technology delivered by a talented, solution-oriented team of IT experts. With many healthcare practices shifting towards virtual healthcare solutions, virtual registration improves the patient experience by providing a safe, contactless environment. With a more effective process in place, medical professionals have time to focus on delivering the best patient care.

How We Can Help

If you are interested in learning more about virtual registration technology or how our IT experts can deliver technology-focused initiatives for your practice, contact Resourcing HQ. We are a premier IT staffing agency in Saint Petersburg, FL, and we are here to provide the top talent and technical solutions your practice needs to thrive.

Contact us today to learn more.


Is it Time for Nearshore or Offshore Outsourcing?

Is it Time for Nearshore or Offshore Outsourcing?

It’s hard to feel comfortable extending long-term job offers in these uncertain times. As the economy retracts, business owners are beginning to staff their organizations in more strategic and cost-effective ways.

If you’re considering using temporary employment services, nearshore and offshore outsourcing options may be worth putting on the table. These workers are appealing to companies looking to cut payroll costs while maintaining a highly-skilled workforce. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using these affordable resources and learn what to consider before outsourcing work offshore.

What Are Offshore Resources?

The term “offshore resources” is essentially just a catch-all phrase for trained employees operating outside of the United States — but within budget. These are temporary or contract workers who are not local but are hired to support your core team’s operations when the time is right.

Offshoring helps employers fill positions for short-term IT projects and reduces payroll costs. These professionals can staff your call center, help desk or IT Department. And, with a temporary employment service such as offshore outsourcing, you’ll meet goals without taking on payroll costs you can’t afford. But the hiring process is time-consuming and can be risky, so take things slowly, and consult with a professional IT staffing company to see how offshore talent can support your various projects.

What Are Nearshore Resources?

If the idea of offshore resources sounds nice but you have lingering concerns about geopolitical conflict or linguistic challenges, consider using nearshore resources. These workers are slightly more expensive, but come with other advantages.

Defined by their geographic proximity to the onshore talent in your home country, this staffing option connects your business with employees who could be in the same time zone in an adjacent or nearby country instead of one farther away. Think about the scope of your project and what it entails before making this decision.

Is now the right time to make a change?

Offshore Outsourcing: What Should I Consider?

  • The Candidate Selection Process: Finding the best candidate to fill your job opening is a priority, regardless of how long the person will be on board. What matters is that once you decide to bring on offshore resources, you partner with a credible staffing firm that you can trust so you get high-caliber employees.
  • Internal vs. External Projects: You can successfully outsource customer service and telemarketing roles, but don’t underestimate the value of near or offshore resources when it comes to internal projects, too. With the right technology, overseas workers can easily integrate with your team, and if you conduct a thorough search, you could find the perfect part-time employee via nearshore or offshore resources.
  • Client Interaction: Of course, you’ll want to consider how much interaction your new near or offshore employees will have with your clients and how their location might impact customer service. Mitigate these worries by being more selective during the hiring process.
  • Your Payroll Budget: While saving money is an obvious reason to opt for offshore outsourcing, employers are noticing other benefits. It may be hard to think about this option, but tighter budgets demand creative staffing solutions. Utilizing the right temporary employment service is a viable choice for businesses that need to cut costs in the new normal.

When to Make the Call:

Now that you know about this affordable labor pool that is situated abroad, you can begin thinking about how these resources might play a role in your business going forward. By exploring new and dynamic options for temporary employees, you’ll avoid extending long-term offers to employees you may not be able to afford. Before you commit, consider the scope of your project and how offshoring could relieve the financial hardship caused by current events.

How We Can Help:

If you are ready to make cost-effective hiring decisions but don’t know where to begin, Resourcing HQ is here to help. RHQ is an IT staffing firm located in St. Petersburg, Florida that links businesses with top talent in the tech space. Spend less time scrolling through applications, and unlock access to higher-quality candidates instead.

With an innovative approach that involves high-level vetting and interviewing, we simplify the hiring process by only showcasing the best IT professionals on the job market. Our impressive IT professionals have the experience it takes to support your business goals. Contact us today to learn more.

Optimizing Your Work-From-Home Office

Optimizing Your Work-From-Home Office

work from home office

According to Gartner, 82 percent of company leaders will allow employees to work remotely “some of the time” going forward.

We’re months into a pandemic that shows no signs of letting up, and on a personal and professional level, nearly everyone is being forced to adapt. With millions of employees settling into the work-from-home (WFH) lifestyle, it seems reasonable for everyone to finally invest a little time, money and energy into making the home office just a little more comfortable and efficient.

While working out of a small or shared living space presents its challenges, there are simple steps you can take to elevate your work-from-home experience even in these tough times. In fact, with the right mindset, you can still achieve all your goals from a cozy, hyperconnected office space.

Powering Through the Pandemic: Don’t Forget About Tech

Once you’ve designated an area to call your own and established healthy habits, it’s time to talk technology. After all, without the right IT infrastructure in place, you could quickly fall behind at work. Employees and executives who have advanced IT professionals in their corner have the best chance of being able to thrive and work anywhere, anytime, which will be what it takes to excel in the new norm.

Technical Considerations for the Work-From-Home Office

  • Mobile Device Management: If you are managing a remote workforce and working from home yourself, chances are you’re using both personal and work-issued mobile devices to connect with colleagues, clients and prospects. With so much on the line, you need to protect your data with professional security measures similar to the ones that fortify your office. Consider granting remote access via virtual private networks (VPNs), which enable users to safely connect with your network through secure means. Another option is to secure proper mobile device management services from your local managed services provider.
  • Secure Remote Access: When your team is relying on remote access to your organization’s network, nothing could be more important than cybersecurity. Protect your valuable data by adhering to best practices for storage and transmission. Make sure your business is tracking who is logging on, in addition to when, where and what documents are being accessed. Remember that you can control settings to prevent information from getting into the wrong hands, but you have to be proactive.
  • Remote IT Support: When teammates are depending on one another every step of the way, nothing could be more important than communication — and it will suffer if your Internet is the weakest link. Make sure you have the top service around and access to around-the-clock IT support to prevent a dip in productivity once businesses migrate online. By hiring the expert IT support you need, your employees will never miss out on video conferences, messages and emails, alerts and notifications, file updates and uploads, automatic backups and more.

When nothing could be more important than productivity, your work-from-home office needs to deliver the same technical stability that you depend on when you go in for a normal shift.

But how, exactly, is all of this supposed to happen during a pandemic? In reality, your remote workforce doesn’t need an in-house IT team to stay efficient. Give your employees access to around-the-clock support by hiring professionals who can deliver world-class remote IT support.

How We Can Help

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