5 Ways to Adapt Your IT Hiring Practices for COVID-19

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Safely staying open during a public health crisis means adapting the way you do business to meet fast-evolving state and nation-wide mandates. As some businesses re-open their doors to employees and clients alike, others are finding it easier to use a remote approach to daily operations, which raises an important question: How do you hire new IT talent during a pandemic?

The need for IT staff has skyrocketed amid COVID-19 closures. As many organizations move to a remote work policy, they are realizing the need for new software, training, and IT experts to make this transition not only possible but also effective.

How to Hire IT Staff During a Pandemic

  1. Move to Video Conferencing: When it comes to interviewing potential new hires, a cloud-based video conferencing platform like Zoom is the way to go. With handy new security features that require a password, ‘admit’ attendees to the meeting room, and boot attendees from the call, this easy-to-use tool has quickly become a fan favorite. But if you’re not a fan, there are several video conferencing alternatives to Zoom.
  2. Conduct Internal Training for Digital Interviews: While some employees might be well-versed in video conferencing interview practices, others might not. For this reason, it’s important to train any team members involved in the interview process in not only how to use your company’s video conferencing platform, but also acceptable conduct on the call. Even digitally, your employees still represent your organization’s image. Consider defining: the importance of timeliness, appropriate language, attire, lighting, background or filter, and noise level for the call.
  3. Pay Attention to References: Now more than ever, references matter. Since meeting in person isn’t often feasible or advisable given the current health crisis, relying on the input of other IT professionals is paramount. Anyone can claim to have expertise in a certain area. You’ll want to take extra precautions to ensure you’re pursuing a candidate with valid credentials and a good track record.
  4. Ask for Employee Referrals: If you’re struggling to find the type of IT talent your company needs to thrive, consider offering an incentive for employee referrals. You might not know where to find top-notch systems engineers, IT architects, or IT admins, but individuals already in your IT department could likely help you successfully fill those roles.
  5. Onboard Remotely: Once you find the perfect new IT expert for your team, it’s time to onboard them. This will likely need to take place remotely. Work with your human resources team to ensure everything they need to know about benefits, equipment, system training, and professional expectations is covered within their first week on the job.

If all of this sounds a bit overwhelming, that’s understandable. Even under normal conditions, finding, hiring, and retaining quality IT talent is a challenge. In areas like compliance cybersecurity, it’s even harder. At Resourcing HQ, we understand this challenge and we’re ready to augment your team with temporary IT professionals to meet your immediate needs. To learn more about this offering, contact us now.