3 Reasons Why Video Profiles Are Changing the IT Hiring Process

2020 provided businesses with many challenges, but it also gave organizations the opportunity to learn a ton of valuable lessons. Most companies learned that the way we work is changing, and technology is a driving force in this shift. New technologies have allowed workforces to work from anywhere, communicate in real time and utilize new workflow patterns.

There’s no disputing that 2020 forced businesses to change the way they take on the workday. Technology can also positively impact several other areas of a company, including streamlining the hiring process for new staff. As we will discuss in this article, companies that access on-the-go video profiles of all the talented candidates they are considering for a position can enjoy many benefits. Remember, if you’re looking for IT staffing solutions, Resourcing HQ has created innovative ways to help you connect with top talent in the technology sector.

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The Challenges of Hiring IT Professionals

Employers seeking a qualified candidate in the IT field face exceedingly difficult challenges compared to most other industries. Companies searching for IT experts require a candidate with excellent qualifications. Moreover, these qualifications need to align with their position requirements. Without the help of a premier IT staffing agency, this can be a difficult task to maneuver. Another challenge is hiring a specialized professional within a tight timeframe. For these reasons, companies need all the help they can get during the hiring process.

With easy access to on-the-go video profiles of talented applicants, businesses can quickly find the most qualified technology candidates in an organized portal. Let’s review three of the benefits that candidate video profiles provide to companies searching for top IT talent.

1) Speed Up the Hiring Process

According to Glassdoor Economic Research, the hiring process for a company in the United States takes approximately 23 days. In some industries, including technology, companies can take as long as 50 or more days (on average) to fill a position. When your network security is at risk, waiting nearly two months to fill a role can have serious ramifications for your business. With access to a video portal, employers can review applicants instantly from anywhere, speeding up the process of scheduling an interview and hiring your next talented IT professional.

2) Learn About the Candidate

With a video introduction of every candidate, employers can evaluate candidates like never before. According to LinkedIn, 80 percent of companies believe that a candidate’s soft skills are increasingly crucial to company success. Similarly, according to Totaljobs, 67 percent of recruiters consider cultural fit an important factor when hiring. Considering these statistics, taking the time to view each qualified candidate’s video introduction can provide the company with a better understanding of the candidate beyond their resume. Employers can observe a candidate’s body language, tone of voice and demeanor, and then assess their soft skills before committing to an interview.

3) Adapt to the New Normal

In 2020, businesses had to adopt new, flexible practices to maintain their operations. Virtual registration, Zoom conferences and virtual hiring and recruiting processes were all part of the transition organizations were forced to make. The shift to virtual recruiting and hiring makes sense both short-term and long-term for businesses of all sizes. First, it provides a safe, contactless way to assess talented IT professionals. Second, it provides decision-makers with a convenient way to evaluate talent. According to Statista, 85 percent of internet users in the United States watch online video content on any device, so assessing video content as part of your hiring process can be a seamless transition for the majority of organizations.

How RHQ Can Help

At RHQ, we know that discovering the right candidate for your technology-focused initiatives can be difficult. That’s why we offer IT staffing services to help address these issues. Are you having trouble attracting the right candidates? Choose from our pipeline of qualified talent. Are you struggling to engage with qualified candidates? We can streamline this process for you. Are you looking to speed up the process? We can help bridge the gap with on-the-go video profiles that align our talented candidates with your technology staffing needs.

When you sign up for our services, you will receive unlimited access to our online video portal, so you can see all our talented IT professionals anytime you want to on any device. At Resourcing HQ, we place top talent with clients seeking experts in the technology sector. Contact us today and learn more about our convenient on-the-go video profiles, which feature all our talented IT professionals.