Virtual Registration: The Future of Healthcare

Virtual Registration: The Future of Healthcare

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the world to go virtual. Virtual conferences, events, family gatherings and even happy hours became the “new normal.” With the vast majority of people at home, it wasn’t long before patients canceled appointments, and healthcare practices saw a dramatic drop in in-person visitations.

2020 has presented many challenges to businesses across all industries, especially in healthcare. Today, healthcare facilities have to consider their existing technology infrastructure and how to deliver the best patient care in the present day and into the future. Healthcare companies can meet and exceed patient experiences by investing in revolutionary technologies and adapting new processes that increase efficiency and provide a safe environment for their patients. Virtual registration accomplishes all of these objectives and more.

Introducing Virtual Registration

Healthcare practices can deliver a personalized experience that increases patient engagement by leveraging virtual registration technology. Virtual registration technology provides patients with a quicker, more convenient and contactless registration process. With virtual registration technology, healthcare practices can:

  • Create a single point of contact for registrations
  • Increase the efficiency of the registration process
  • Operate with fewer staff members
  • Provide patients with a safer environment
  • Enhance the patient experience

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The Virtual Registration Process

Virtual registration streamlines the registration process and reduces the amount of time a patient sits in a waiting room. Contactless registration provides the patient with plenty of space and privacy to submit their required documents and information, address their concerns and complete the registration process.

With virtual registration, a patient can:

  • Confirm their appointment time and reason for the visit
  • Insert healthcare information and personal identification cards into a scanner
  • Sign any required documents with a signature pad
  • Receive a copy of documentation with remote printing technology
  • Make payment for their medical services with payment card readers

Meet Your Virtual Registration Expert

The virtual registration process utilizes state-of-the-art technology to create a customized experience for the patient. A patient will enter the private registration area of a medical clinic. They can sit down at a registration desk, use easy navigation tools on a screen in front of them and be greeted virtually by a friendly registration expert. The registration expert interacts with the patient in real time and is broadcast in a striking three-dimensional, HD-quality projected image.

The registration expert guides the patient through the registration process. They can:

  • Physically see the patient and provide live feedback
  • Answer the patient’s questions and address their concerns
  • Help them complete the process
  • Provide HIPAA-compliant instructions to the patient
  • Speed up the process by providing clear directions

Enhancing the Patient Experience

Patients are increasingly drawn to the concept of virtual services. A recent medical study performed by Parks Associates reported that 60 percent of U.S. households with internet access are interested in remote care. Once they hear about it, patients will show the same interest in virtual registration technology.

With a virtual expert’s assistance, healthcare practices can clearly communicate with their patients and receive the information they need in an innovative way. Implementing this technology will also show your patients that you’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure their safety. The eye-catching technology will also create a wow factor for your healthcare practice.

With virtual registration technology, patients will:

  • Benefit from receiving clear instructions from an expert
  • Listen and pay close attention to their expert
  • Marvel at the innovation and technology
  • Enjoy a fun, friendly way to register

More Than Innovation

There are several benefits of transforming your registration process to feature groundbreaking technology. With virtual experts handling the administrative tasks of registration, patients can feel prioritized and healthcare organizations can streamline their registration process. Virtual registration can also reduce a clinic’s payroll and potentially attract new patients who hear about the revolutionary technology installed at your facility.

To provide the best patient care in 2020 and beyond, the healthcare environment will rely on innovative, evolving technology delivered by a talented, solution-oriented team of IT experts. With many healthcare practices shifting towards virtual healthcare solutions, virtual registration improves the patient experience by providing a safe, contactless environment. With a more effective process in place, medical professionals have time to focus on delivering the best patient care.

How We Can Help

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Is it Time for Nearshore or Offshore Outsourcing?

Is it Time for Nearshore or Offshore Outsourcing?

It’s hard to feel comfortable extending long-term job offers in these uncertain times. As the economy retracts, business owners are beginning to staff their organizations in more strategic and cost-effective ways.

If you’re considering using temporary employment services, nearshore and offshore outsourcing options may be worth putting on the table. These workers are appealing to companies looking to cut payroll costs while maintaining a highly-skilled workforce. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using these affordable resources and learn what to consider before outsourcing work offshore.

What Are Offshore Resources?

The term “offshore resources” is essentially just a catch-all phrase for trained employees operating outside of the United States — but within budget. These are temporary or contract workers who are not local but are hired to support your core team’s operations when the time is right.

Offshoring helps employers fill positions for short-term IT projects and reduces payroll costs. These professionals can staff your call center, help desk or IT Department. And, with a temporary employment service such as offshore outsourcing, you’ll meet goals without taking on payroll costs you can’t afford. But the hiring process is time-consuming and can be risky, so take things slowly, and consult with a professional IT staffing company to see how offshore talent can support your various projects.

What Are Nearshore Resources?

If the idea of offshore resources sounds nice but you have lingering concerns about geopolitical conflict or linguistic challenges, consider using nearshore resources. These workers are slightly more expensive, but come with other advantages.

Defined by their geographic proximity to the onshore talent in your home country, this staffing option connects your business with employees who could be in the same time zone in an adjacent or nearby country instead of one farther away. Think about the scope of your project and what it entails before making this decision.

Is now the right time to make a change?

Offshore Outsourcing: What Should I Consider?

  • The Candidate Selection Process: Finding the best candidate to fill your job opening is a priority, regardless of how long the person will be on board. What matters is that once you decide to bring on offshore resources, you partner with a credible staffing firm that you can trust so you get high-caliber employees.
  • Internal vs. External Projects: You can successfully outsource customer service and telemarketing roles, but don’t underestimate the value of near or offshore resources when it comes to internal projects, too. With the right technology, overseas workers can easily integrate with your team, and if you conduct a thorough search, you could find the perfect part-time employee via nearshore or offshore resources.
  • Client Interaction: Of course, you’ll want to consider how much interaction your new near or offshore employees will have with your clients and how their location might impact customer service. Mitigate these worries by being more selective during the hiring process.
  • Your Payroll Budget: While saving money is an obvious reason to opt for offshore outsourcing, employers are noticing other benefits. It may be hard to think about this option, but tighter budgets demand creative staffing solutions. Utilizing the right temporary employment service is a viable choice for businesses that need to cut costs in the new normal.

When to Make the Call:

Now that you know about this affordable labor pool that is situated abroad, you can begin thinking about how these resources might play a role in your business going forward. By exploring new and dynamic options for temporary employees, you’ll avoid extending long-term offers to employees you may not be able to afford. Before you commit, consider the scope of your project and how offshoring could relieve the financial hardship caused by current events.

How We Can Help:

If you are ready to make cost-effective hiring decisions but don’t know where to begin, Resourcing HQ is here to help. RHQ is an IT staffing firm located in St. Petersburg, Florida that links businesses with top talent in the tech space. Spend less time scrolling through applications, and unlock access to higher-quality candidates instead.

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