Revolutionizing IT Staffing and Automation

At RHQ, we specialize in supplying highly skilled professionals to clients in need of expertise for technology-focused projects, particularly in robotic automation and human-centered initiatives.

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Who We Are

Resourcing HQ, located in St. Petersburg, FL, is an IT Staffing and Automation firm serving clients across the United States. We excel in sourcing exceptional talent and driving significant productivity enhancements through UiPath automation. Our AutoPath Managed Support service enables clients to fully leverage UiPath’s potential without the necessity of expanding their in-house teams.

Client Testimonials

I depend on RHQ to provide the best talent when I need to deliver mission critical projects across hospital and payer operations.

Chief Technology Officer at a not-for-profit pediatric hospital

Resourcing HQ has proven time and time again to have the best resources available when I need them.

Senior Vice President and CAO at Texas based health system

UiPath Partner

RHQ is a proud partner of UiPath. UiPath empowers healthcare organizations to optimize operations, improve patient experiences, ensure compliance and security, leverage data insights, and support telemedicine initiatives. With UiPath, healthcare professionals can focus on what truly matters – providing high-quality care to patients.

Our Clients